The best part about being a maker: new friendships and new creations

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The past few weeks have been so crazy! So much is going on with new collaborations, new friendships, and as always, new creations!

I have had the utmost pleasure meeting and working with Earth's Energy to bring you all an amazing collection of precious stone jewelry. Last Saturday we officially launched the first pieces of the collection and it has been a whirlwind!

Let me give you a little back story on how this all came to be...

I officially met Tara from Earth's Energy at a vendor fair of all places! She actually works with my fiancé so I have heard her name a few times. It was just great to finally officially meet her.

From then on, I had the idea of collaborating with another business and trying some new creation ideas. She supplied the beautiful stones for me to create different jewelry designs. One thing I love about the stones she sells is that all of them are sourced from their original location. It sounded so crazy to me as she casually mentions talking to her guy in Brazil!

If you check out her website (link is at the bottom), you will see so many amazing stones and crystals. I love some of her new products as well, like her smudges and homemade candles! I just love everything she is doing.

Be sure to give her a follow on her social media (links and usernames listed below), she also does live shopping shows which are so fun to watch and learn about each kind of stone.

Here are all the links you are going to want!

Jewelry Collection by Elaine Creations Co. & Earth's Energy

Earth's Energy Website

Earth's Energy Facebook: @crystals.earthsenergy

Earths Energy Instagram: @earthsenergyshop

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