What's A Snood??

Posted by Gretchen Hartman on

 For all of you dog lovers out there who love to dress up their pups in fashionable accessories, I have the perfect piece for their fall wardrobe.

Our dog snoods are perfect for the coming chilly weather and keeping their ears clean!

I have an Irish Setter named Veda (pictured above), and for those that have pups like setters, basset hounds, spaniels, etc. know that these pups have their ears dragging all over the place on walks, or slop water and food all over when they eat or drink. It can be difficult to keep their ears from matting.

Snoods solve this problem for many breeds and can also act like a scarf with the chilly weather!

Function meets adorable with these cute little snoods. I am obsessed, and truth be told, Veda loves hers so much she constantly tries to nap with it on!

What colors would you like to see with out snoods?

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