New Boho Earrings Are Stealing The Show!

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Keeping up with the ever changing styles and trends can be exhausting. One thing that will never go out of style (at least in my book) is everything macramé related. I have such a deep love for all the natural fibers and knotting techniques, I knew I had to experiment with creations that my customers can use in their everyday lives. Therefore our macramé collection was created!

Our designs are minimalistic and classic. I have been experimenting with not only natural fibers, but also semi precious stones. The more natural, the better! 

If you have any special requests with stones or colored cord, I would love to hear your thoughts. Right now I have a heather gray, mustard, and the natural white cord options to choose from. I am ecstatic to offer the stones: jasper, rose quartz, amethyst, and more options are soon going to be available! 

Click the links below to shop the jewelry we have in stock!

Rose Quartz Macramé Boho Earrings

Macramé Knotted Fringe Earrings

Macramé Teardrop Knotted Fringe Earrings

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