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This weeks blog I am so excited to introduce one very talented artisan who happens to be a dear friend and neighbor! Brittany's creations are absolutely stunning and I am so thankful to have her join in the Elaine Creation Co. Family.

Meet Brittany!

How long have you been crafting?
I started my most recent crafting last summer, shortly after the shutdown started. I wanted to do something with flowers and plants from my backyard, so I started flower pressing! 

What inspires you and your designs?
I appreciate all things nature and have always enjoyed spending time outside. I have never been a fan of anything tedious, but I was determined to try something new! (flower pressing and floral creations) 
My designs are inspired by creations I've seen online, nature, and using my creativity to make my items unique. 
What is your favorite creation to make?
I've made so many different creations and I enjoy making them all and coming up with new ideas. I think my favorite creations I make are my framed floral letters. I've enjoyed making them as personalized gifts for those special to me. 
What are you looking forward to make in the future?
I have several ideas for new creations that I am looking forward to trying my hand at this spring! 
I have been busy with my job and life has been busy and crazy lately, so I haven't created much at all in the past couple months. I am excited to hopefully soon spend more time creating! 
Where are you from / grew up?
I was born and raised in Lancaster County areas. (Terre Hill, then New Holland, currently living in Ephrata)
What is your favorite part about making creations?
I haven't always thought of myself as very creative, so my favorite part about making my creations is feeling creative and appreciating what I have made. I especially love when someone expresses how much they love something I made for them. 
How long have you been crafting?
Years ago, I enjoyed scrapbooking with my mom and my sister. That was the only crafting I did up until this past summer when I started pressing flowers. 
Tell me an interesting fact about yourself
I own 14 pets! (4 dogs, 8 reptiles, and 2 English budgies) and I have close to 40 house plants!
Who is your biggest support?
My biggest support since I've started my creations has been my husband and Gretchen. They've been very encouraging, supportive, have given me advice, and have given me honest & kind feedback. 
What other hobbies do you enjoy doing?
A few of my favorite hobbies other than creating are traveling with my husband, spending time with my loved ones and my beloved pets, going on outdoor adventures, and planting and caring for my indoor and outdoor plants.

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