How Charming! | Elaine Creations Co. Macramé Car Charms

Posted by Gretchen Hartman on

Let's be honest, everyone loves to decorate and accessorize everything they possibly can, right??

I am the kind of person that likes to "nest" everywhere I go. Whether it's adding a candle to my desk or spicing up the interior of my car. These adorable macramé charms for your rear view mirror are the perfect piece to finalize your boho stylized car interior. 

With Easter coming around the corner, I realized this would make the perfect little gift for that fits right into their basket! Even if you don't plan on using them in your car, they are a gorgeous little macramé piece anyone will love!

Personally, with the bohemian trend that is ever growing, I have found the décor to be very soothing and it gives me a good headspace to start my day. I wanted to be able to add a little piece of that in my car since we all know driving can be long and stressful at times. It reminds me to clear my head and relax. 

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