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A little over 3 years ago, I started Gretchen Elaine Photography. I went to school for photography prior to starting the business. Over the years, I have always been searching for more props to add to my collection. Whether it is for a newborn session, family, senior, model; the list just goes on and on. It can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for as a photographer. I then realized what was lacking, a photography prop store for handmade and customize-able items. Therefore Elaine Creations Co. was born.

I wanted to share a few items specifically made for newborn sessions or items that I think could make a great prop!


Matching Newborn Hat: 

The first item is our Candy Corn Decor Pillow. This is not only adorable for the fall season but could make an awesome prop for an adorable fall newborn session. I also have a matching newborn hat that is so cute!


Next I have an adorable newborn hat with matching diaper cover. When I have photographed newborns in the past, sometimes your want to hide the diaper, but want a cute little outfit. This was seriously so perfect and simple. I would suggest this set to anyone photographing a little one.

Going back to some decor pillows, I am completely obsessed with these cactus pillows. I know many people who are avid succulent and cactus lovers, this is the perfect piece for any room / studio and even a prop for a newborn session. I know when I become a Momma I have to have a plant themed set of images from my newborn's session. This would be so cute in the background of a photo or to have a little one laying on it. I know one of my customers even bought one for their nursery!

My last featured item for this week's blog are my stocking hats. These newborn stocking hats are nothing but cute! They each have a little pompom on the end and this one has neutral gray stripes. I would suggest this hat for any photographer since there are no colors, it is perfect for a little boy or girl.

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